Planning for Spain- a brief travel guide

I strongly recommend a trip to Spain, if you are planning to live your life to the fullest. This country is worth visiting once as it will fascinate you for one reason or the other. Spain is more diverse than your imagination. The reasonably-priced cuisine and cheap wine in Barcelona may prompt you to visit Spain time and again.
Best time to travel
Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe, and if you are planning a trip to this fantastic place, it is better to have an idea of its geography so that you may not miss anything worth enjoying. The best time to visit Spain is the spring season as summers are hot except at places that are located at high altitudes or mountainous regions. However, some cities are very snowy and cool during winters; they are best visiting in spring and fall. You must have information about the region; you are going to visit to let you enjoy the specialties of the place.
Barcelona-The cultural hub of Spain
Barcelona is well-known for its art and architecture. Gaudi‚Äôs masterpiece Casa Mila, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (Catalan Art Museum), Museu Picasso (a rich artistic collection), Placa de Catalunya (central square with sculpture) are the major magnetism of this place. You will admire this city if you are fascinated by art and architecture. Apart from aesthetic taste, Spanish people are fond of eating and drinking. La Boqueria is a popular food market where you can find almost all Spanish food items.
The special food items include Amanida (salad), Macarons (Macaroni with Bolognese sauce), Gaspatxo (cold vegetable soup), Fricando (Meat and vegetable stew) and Botifarra amb mongetes (Barbecued and Fried beans).
Enjoy the fantastic beaches, whizzo sight scenes, get lost in the magic of Font Magica and revel in the street art and sculpture. Barcelona is best when you plan the trip sensibly as you will going to get a thrill out of the whole nine yards.

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